#T101 JR. GACHA Machine

#T101 JR. GACHA Machine

#T101 JR. GACHA Machine

Jr Gatcha Flyer


  • The GACHA provides a unique design with two vending heads and an attractive display unit, showing the product found inside.
  • GACHA machines can be easily linked together with the joining plates, link 2, 3, 4, or more! The coin box also can be locked in the back of the machine to create additional security for your earnings.
  • The GACHA machine is a slim design, that doesn't take up much room. it is good for small spaces. The GACHA also comes with stabilizers (not shown) for the front and sides of the machine to prevent tipping.
  • The display unit allows the product to be shown so the consumers can see exactly what they are getting. It has been proven to increase sales when an attractive display is made for the GACHA.

Optional Features:

  • Digital Coin Counter
    • Counts your coins
  • Multi Coin Mechanisms
    • 1 Canadian Looney
    • 1 Canadian Tooney


  • System with two head vending unit with display case
  • Each vending head holds approximately 175 capsules
  • Dimensions
    • 12.6 "(W) x 49.2"(H) x 16.9"(D)
  • ABS Body and die-cast mechanism
  • Machine Weight Empty 49 lbs.
  • Capsule Size 45 MM (2 Inches)
  • Machine needs no electricity